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Menu Joy "Eagle Eye"
Proofreader Challenge
Next drawing to be held at the end of this month.
Details below.
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We try
as hard as we can
to type everything in
But we don't always
get it right...

Just for the fun of it,
there will always be at least one misspelled word
on the Menu Joy website!

For each misspelled word or typographical error you find,
your name will be entered in a drawing
for a free restaurant gift certificate.
Drawings are held monthly.

Numerous words have acceptable spelling variants.
Click on the "Variants" button
to see a list of such words (and other items)
that have been previously brought up
by enthusiastic Menu Joy Eagle Eye participants.
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Before submitting a suspected error or misspelled word,
please consult the following resources:
Merriam-Webster Online

New rule: June 1, 2016
If you submit an entry that is contrary to what is found at
Merriam-Webster Online,
Menu Joy Variants
including capitalization issues,
then not only will you not get a point for the entry,
you may lose an already submitted point!!!

If you can find a misspelled word or other error,
fill out and submit the following form:

Description/details of misspelled word or error:

The menu or page where you found the error :
(Please include the full web address or at least the menu # from the web address.)
Any errors found here:
are eligible for Eagle Eye entries!

Your Name

(Your real name or a made-up name, as long as it's distinctive.)

Your eMail Address

Comments (Optional)

I have read, understood and I agree with
the Menu Joy Terms & Conditions,
including any revisions up to today's date.

The next drawing will be held
at the end of this month.
A new list of potential winners
will be posted within a few days after the end of the month
here on menujoy.com.

People Who Found Errors
on Menu Joy this month
These folks are eligible to win
in the next drawing:
Entry Date Username
7/25/2018Michele Bauer

Last Month's Entrants:
Listed below in a randomly selected order
are the names of everybody who found
spelling, grammar or punctuation errors on Menu Joy last month.

If a person's name appears more than once,
that means they found more than one error.

If your name is #1 on the list,
you are an instant winner!

If you're not #1,
but nobody above you in the list has claimed the prize,

If nobody higher than you on the list claims the prize
before the last day of the month, then you will be the winner!

If a person has more Eagle Eye entries than anyone else
they will automatically win a bonus gift certificate,
if claimed before the last day of the month.

Limit one free Menu Joy Gift Certificate per month
per eMail address and per household.
Thank you.
Current Drawing
Aug 2018
& Entry Date
Michele Bauer
Our bonus winner for most entries is:

Previous Month
3 Errors Found

Winner from previous month:

Michele Bauer chose a gift certificate from
003.jpg - 6700 Bytes
Inner Bay Café & Grill
1339 Cove Road
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Bonus Winner for most entries in previous month:

BMD chose a gift certificate from
003.jpg - 6700 Bytes
Inner Bay Café & Grill
1339 Cove Road
New Bedford, Massachusetts

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