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Policies, Terms & Conditions
The Primary Purpose of Menu Joy is to expose people to information about participating restaurants and businesses in order to encourage them to support these restaurants and businesses by visiting them and spending money during such visits.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates for most restaurants on Menu Joy are issued by the individual restaurants.

Gift Certificates for some other restaurants on Menu Joy are printed with a Menu Joy logo and may be redeemed at the restaurant indicated on the certificate. Gift Certificates printed with a Menu Joy logo are marked with an issue date indicating when the certificate was given to Menu Joy.

The following restaurants/businesses honor Menu Joy-issued Gift Certificates:
Dorothy Cox's Chocolates
The Inner Bay
Rua's Pizzeria

Gift Certificates for restaurants in Massachusetts
are expected to be valid for a period of seven years from the issue date.

Gift Certificates are sold to Menu Joy to be resold at a later date or awarded as prizes for various Menu Joy sweepstakes drawings.

Generally, most Gift Certificates sold or given as prizes have no restrictions on their use. Some restaurant-issued certificates may have certain restrictions on their use, for example "Food only, not valid for alcoholic beverages."

In most circumstances, Gift Certificates purchased from or awarded by Menu Joy must be redeemed in person at the restaurant or place of business.
2.2 When Restaurants Close or Sell to a New Owner

The restaurant business is a tough game. Restaurants often fail or close for other reasons.

If a large restaurant chain were to fail, for example Friendly's or Olive Garden, there would likely be a publicized mechanism in place for holders of gift certificates to recover the money they spent to purchase them. When a small restaurant fails, it is less likely that such a mechanism will be in place or easily discovered.

(Rest assured, the failed restaurant owner is not gleeful about not honoring gift certificates, they are more likely broke and deep in debt.)

When a restaurant on Menu Joy closes or sells their business to a new owner, both Menu Joy and users of Menu Joy may be holding Gift Certificates that can no longer be redeemed. We ask Menu Joy users to share in that risk with us. We also ask that Menu Joy users minimize that risk by not buying too far in advance of their dining needs.

Menu Joy cannot guarantee that restaurants will remain in business indefinitely. Menu Joy cannot issue refunds or exchanges for certificates for closed or sold restaurants, unless the certificate was purchased from Menu Joy within 30 days before the closure of the restaurant, and the request for a refund or exchange is made within 45 days after purchase.

Procedure for returning certificates
purchased within the last 30 Days

Mail certificates to:
Menu Joy
PO Box 51473
New Bedford MA 02745-0044
(You will be offered a swap or a refund.)

If you find yourself in the position of holding Gift Certificates for a closed or sold restaurant that were purchased more than 30 days ago, ask yourself: what would you do if you had purchased the Gift Certificates directly from the restaurant? Whatever that is, that is what you must do now.

We hope you can be comforted by the fact that your overall experience of purchasing certificates from Menu Joy is quite a bargain.

Certificates that have been awarded as prizes cannot be exchanged in the event a restaurant closes.
Purchase limit of five Menu Joy-issued Gift Certificates per restaurant per household per month. (This amount may decrease over time as supplies are depleted more rapidly. See item 1.1 above.)
Orders paid with Credit Cards or PayPal, are normally shipped within 24 hours after receipt of payment, but may take up to two weeks due to circumstances.

Gift Certificates won on eBay auctions are normally shipped with one week after auction close, but may take up to three weeks due to circumstances.
Special promotions and discounts that periodically appear on Menu Joy do not apply to previous orders.
Occasionally, a currently-open restaurant that has agreed to redeem Menu Joy-issued Gift Certificates will fail to fulfill its obligation to Menu Joy and its customers. Menu Joy regrets any inconvenience caused by such restaurants. Under these circumstances, Menu Joy will issue refunds or exchanges for Menu Joy-issued certificates upon request.

The primary reason that owners of small restaurants decide to refuse the Menu Joy-issued certificates is due to Menu Joy customers only ordering enough food to cover the certificates. Restaurant owners would much prefer to see a mix of cash together with the Menu Joy certificates. (See item 1.1 above.)

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Sweepstakes Prize Drawings
No purchase necessary to participate in any Menu Joy sweepstakes drawings.
Void where prohibited by law.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
Odds of winning depends on the number of entries received.

Menu Joy is not responsible for lost entries due to computer or Internet failure, technical glitches, lost entry forms or lack of restaurant participation.
Limit of one free Menu Joy Gift Certificate per household per month from the "Eagle Eye" drawing.
To be eligible to win the "Eagle Eye" drawing monthly, participants must personally visit the Menu Joy website to observe their posted position in Menu Joy Drawings and personally claim their prize before the last day of the month.

"Eagle Eye" prize claims must be entered from the participant's home computer or the participant's own device such as a smartphone or tablet. Prize claims entered from someone else's home computer or device may be deemed invalid and that participant will be excluded from future Menu Joy drawings.

You must have a valid eMail address and Internet access to participate is Menu Joy prize drawings.

Each household is allowed to have one (1) entry per month in each of the monthly drawing:"Menu Fun."

If a household is found to have multiple entries by using aliases or multiple eMail addresses, or if a household is found to have made multiple Prize Claims in the same drawing, all entries from that household will be disqualified from current and future drawings.

If a household is found to be making prize claims for another household or another person, all entries from both households or persons will be disqualified from current and future drawings. (See item 3.4 above.)

There are some extremely low-tech ways to detect when the same person or the same computer is making multiple entries or multiple prize claims. It does not take spyware or privacy violations to figure it out. There are telltale giveaways.

If your household has inadvertently entered more than one entry in either of these drawings, please use the Menu Joy contact form to request that the Menu Joy Webmaster delete any duplicate entries.
Different people cannot share the same eMail address for the purposes of participating in the activities of Menu Joy.
A household is allowed to have multiple entries in the "Eagle Eye" competition, if multiple typographical or style errors are found. Limit one "Eagle Eye" entry per error found per household (again, no multiple aliases.)
When participating in sweepstakes drawings on Menu Joy, you must declare a "name" that will be displayed in lists and drawing results on the Menu Joy website. Please choose a name that is "distinctive", a name that is unlikely to be used by someone else, so that you can positively identify yourself as a winner when applicable. Please do not submit only a single first name, such as "John" or "Susan." You may use your real last name or a made-up name, such as "Billy Baseball" or "Pam Spray."
Winners will be notified by mail at the end of each month for the"Eagle Eye" drawings.

If you are eligible as a winner of a free Menu Joy Gift Certificate or Cash Prize, you will be asked to submit your real full name and mailing address in order to receive your prize, and this information may be given to persons requesting a list of winners.
You may request a list of winners by writing to:

PO BOX 51473
NEW BEDFORD MA 02745-0044

Please indicate which sweepstakes winners lists you are requesting, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. A list of all winners within the last 90 days of your request will be mailed.

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General Policies,
Terms & Conditions
All menu prices listed on Menu Joy are subject to change without notice.
Restaurant owners sometimes change their hours of operation, their menu, their prices, or possibly even go out of business without notifying Menu Joy. You may want to call ahead before visiting a restaurant to verify information, especially a restaurant that is new to you.
Website visitors who engage in excessive quibbling, bossiness, entitlement, impatience with how quickly certificates are delivered, disrespect, lecturing, snide comments, harassment, fraud and/or deception will be disqualified and excluded, with neither notice nor explanation, from enjoying benefits and activities of the website service, such as participation in drawings, purchase of Menu Joy Gift Certificates, eBay auctions and other features of Menu Joy.
By participating in the activities of Menu Joy such as prize drawings and Gift Certificate purchases, you agree to receive periodic eMail messages from Menu Joy, which may contain special announcements, reminsders to check the status of Menu Joy drawings, etc. At any time you may request to receive no further eMail from Menu Joy by using the contact form or by replying to any message from Menu Joy with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the Subject field, but in doing so you will be automatically withdrawn from the activities and benefits of Menu Joy. Further participation in Menu Joy activities will indicate your agreement to resume accepting periodic eMail messages from Menu Joy.
In order to participate in the activities of Menu Joy, website users must have a good working knowledge of computers and the Internet, a steady, reliable and unfiltered connection to the Internet and a reasonably up-to-date computer, operating system and Internet software. You must know what spam filters and "whitelists" are and know how to make sure you are able to receive eMail from Menu Joy.
Menu Joy reserves the right to not do business with anyone for any reason without explanation.

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