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Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners
Handy Andy's
Quality Vacuum Cleaners
1693 Acushnet Avenue
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Monday thru Friday
9am - 5pm
9am - 3pm
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We make the best new vacuum you'll ever own!
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Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners MENU
Our service is second to none! We repair all brands and stock thousands of parts for all models. We honor the manufacturer's warranty on all vacuum cleaners we sell.

Find out if your vacuum is worth repairing. We give free estimates and guarantee our work. Our service is fast and we have free loaners to use if you need one.

Bring us your broken vacuum and we'll give you a free estimate right away.
Vacuum Cleaners
Our showroom is the largest around with more than 80 different models including all the famous advertised name brands to test and compare! We have nearly every kind of vacuum cleaner on the market. To be able to see so many types of vacuums in one place and have all your questions answered by an expert is worth the visit.

We also build our own brand of vacuum cleaner: the Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaner. "Handy Andy's" is famous for quality and service and it's built into every one of our own brand name vacuums. We invite you to come in for a demonstration of our own most popular vacuum.

Our "Handy Andy's" Quality Vacuum Cleaner has been so successful, we have sold more than 7,500 machines. You will love your "Handy Andy's" Quality Vacuum Cleaner more than any other vacuum you ever owned and our service will amaze you way beyond all expectations.
A Wide Range of Prices
Rinsenvac Carpet Steam Cleaner
Our carpet steam cleaning machines are portable, easy to operate, powerful commercial grade units. The cleaning wand will deep clean your carpets by performing 3 cleaning actions at once. A mixture of water and special cleaning solution is sprayed into the nap, separating dirt and grime from carpet fibers while a motorized brush gently loosens dirt and grime and grooms your carpet as powerful suction vacuums it all away. A hand tool is also provided for cleaning your furniture and stairs or even your car upholstery and carpeting.

Our staff will load the Rinsenvac into your car, and remove it from your car when you return.

Rental price includes one quart of Rinsenvac cleaning solution, enough for three 9'x12' rooms.

Rent on a Friday or Saturday, you don't have to return it until Monday (or even Tuesday if there's a Monday holiday). That's up to 4 days for the price of 1!
24-hour rental $98.99
Check out the Menu Joy DISCOUNTS page
for availability of 50% off certificates
for a Rinsenvac Steam Cleaner Rental!

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